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Cassettes Monthly Playlist: Saxual Seduction

Felt saxy. Might delete later.

Our monthly Spotify playlist is up now with our favorite jams that feature the sax (including our own).

Cassettes: Saxual Seduction

Cassettes Monthly Playlist: Songs For A Wild Heart

New month. New jams.

Listen to Cassettes: Songs For A Wild Heart

Not only were these bands/songs we were spinning hard during the writing of Wild Heart but it makes a pretty killer playlist for your next summer BBQ.

Cassettes Monthly Playlist: Cassettes...and Friends

A new month means a new Spotify playlist from Cassettes. This month we're throwing our hands up for some of our super talented friends! Visit the link below to hear songs from Donaher, Kayleigh Goldsworthy, Crossed Keys, Jamie and the Guarded Heart, Punchline, Savage Dads, Bruce Wiegner, here/now, Hootsie, Sinkane, Promise of Redemption, The End Of America and more.

Listen to Cassettes…and Friends

Cassettes Monthly Playlist: Glory Days

We love music! Starting with April we are going to be sharing a Spotify playlist with you each month. Since we are playing a show on the 13th with the temporarily reunited Gennero (ft. Sean & Jim!) this month's playlist is called Glory Days and includes songs from bands that we used to play in. Take a trip down memory lane at the link below and come hang out with us on April 13th!

Cassettes: Glory Days